Forged in the flames of Hades and brought to Earth on the back of a winged unicorn, Lowbrow is a beautiful art store fever dream made manifest on this plane to feature the works of local artists and provide you with glitter, graffiti supplies, coloring books, collectible art toys, scented markers, and every other art supply you can think of that is great.






Find Us:

Hours: Mon-Sat 11-8 Sun 12-6

38 Broadway Denver, CO 80203
303 722 1797


The Lowbrow 5th Birthday Custom Toy Show! June 2 - August 1

Past shows:

  • Birthday Toy Show 5

    • Coloring Show 5
      All The Peeps

      • Ghostfreehood

        • Your Lines. You're Lines.
          Meeg Conroy

          • Tales from the Cauldron
            The Hesh Witch

            • Sky Diamonds
              Thomas Scharfenberg

              • Pintastic!
                Everyone You Know

                • Horndribbles Hangout

                  • Figures Sold Separately
                    Dave Palmer

                    • Hesh Magic
                      Hesh Magic

                      • Welcome To The Glory Hole

                        • 4th Birthday Toy Show
                          Everyone You Know

                          • High Fives & Hugs
                            Kaitlin Ziesmer

                            • How Much Is Too Much?
                              TJ Raygun

                              • The Coloring Show!

                                • Oh! Imaginary Friends
                                  Fly Okay

                                  • Ctrl Y
                                    Brett Nienburg

                                    • Re/Pair
                                      Miranda Harp & alsn

                                      • Welcome to Nogland

                                        • Bjork's BFF
                                          Allison Sheldon

                                          • Robot Factory
                                            Mallory Hart

                                            • Supermix
                                              Bergerbot & Dave Palmer

                                              • The Custom Toy Show
                                                Lots O Folks

                                                • Family Vacation, UGHHH
                                                  Becky Wareing Steele

                                                  • Coloring Contest '15

                                                    • Swang Songs
                                                      Karen Fisher

                                                      • Happy Ending

                                                        • Lost Lines
                                                          Meeg Conroy

                                                          • Wanderings
                                                            Mike Fudge

                                                            • Once Upon A Pixel
                                                              Brett Nienburg

                                                              • Conjuring the Hesher Daze
                                                                Partylord + Wizardbong

                                                                • Schizo
                                                                  Mike Geiger

                                                                  • In Search Of Rubbish

                                                                    • The Birthday Toy Show

                                                                      • Nocturnal Lines
                                                                        Meeg Conroy

                                                                        • The Coloring Show

                                                                          • Anne Welch+Lowbrow
                                                                            Animal Magic

                                                                            • Everyone You Know
                                                                              Is That Velvet?

                                                                              • Brett +Mike
                                                                                Girls! Girls! Girls!

                                                                              • Justin Maes
                                                                                Uploaded & Unrehearsed

                                                                              • TJ Raygun
                                                                                Out Of Context

                                                                              • Bergerbot
                                                                                Daydreamers Welcome

                                                                              • Joshua Finley
                                                                                The Art of Rock and Roll

                                                                              • Tom Scharfenberg
                                                                                Physical Pixel

                                                                              • A Lowbrow Group Effort
                                                                                The Lowbrow Toy Show

                                                                              • Erin Black/ Marc Huebert

                                                                              • A Lowbrow Group Effort
                                                                                The Lowbrow Coloring Show

                                                                              • Rob "Gropes" Roybal
                                                                                A Lowdown Dirty Shame

                                                                              • Zach Burk

                                                                              • Denver Zine Library
                                                                                The Denver Zine Library Show

                                                                              • Brandon Roth
                                                                                Abandon Uncertainty

                                                                              • Steve Belmarsh
                                                                                Sweet Nothings

                                                                              • Enrique Lazaro

                                                                              • Jim "Beast546" Stigall
                                                                                The Bent Letter

                                                                              • Ladies Fancywork Society
                                                                                Take Home + Keep

Find Us Here:

Hours :
Mon-Sat 11-8
Sun 12-6

38 Broadway
Denver CO 80203

Email :
Tel : 303 722 1797